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A transformer is one of the most reliable and rugged of any component in an electrical/electronic system, assuming the transformer is designed with the particular application in mind. Because of the many factors involved in a magnetic circuit, it often presents a challenge to the most talented electronics engineer.

Our engineers have years of experience in the design of transformers, magnetic devices, and the circuits in which they are used.

Our engineers are particularly skilled in designs for applications related to power systems, power conditioners, uninterruptible power supplies, and control systems. To the right is a list of our preferred client profiles.

Power System OEM

We can design a transformer from your circuit design or your parameters. We are capable of single- and three-phase design and production. Our size limitations are currently in the area of 125KVA. We do 50-, 60-, and ?- Hertz applications, with voltages as required. Our quantity requirements are 1-100, depending on the cost per item and the size. We have extensive ferroresonant experience.

High Voltage, Low Current Power Systems

We have been very successful in the design and private labeling of constant-voltage systems related to electrostatics. Usually, this is in industries related to air cleaning or metal coating applications. We have produced up to 95KVA @ 3 micro-amps.
High Frequency Switching

We generally work on projects from 1-100 KHz. We are particularly effective with larger types of transformers requiring foil, Litz wire, etc. The quantity ranges where we are most competitive are protoypes, beta, and up to 20,000 runs. Industries where we have been particularly successful are ultrasonic cleaner and welder applications.

High Volume Board-Mounted Products

We are very skilled at producing these items, but so is everyone else in the transformer business. We can best serve you through the design, protoype, beta, and pre-productin phases. The production stage is usually sourced to our Asian partners. We have stocking and Kan Ban systems available to facilitate just-in-time delivery.